What happens when you are truely in love with your favourite food?
Well I guess you write a love song.


Original Song by Demetry Malahoff & Nnella.

Recorded while supporting Clara Luzia at Spielboden Dornbirn.
December 2018

Live recording from our last gig at Loop Wien during our mini event series with
3x3: Holli - Nnella - Nnoa


'And Again I Am Astounded' - this song I wrote for a vulcano documentary soundtrack and it was one of my first tries for recording and mixing my own music.

It's such an honour that Sara Domjanic plays the violine on the record!
To all violine lovers - you might want to check out her music online, though I rather recommend going to one of her breathtaking concerts... :)



...die Finger und Stimmbänder kribbeln schon vor Vorfreude...
Wir dürfen unsere frischgebackene Band im Mai glei dreimal 'zum ersten Mal' präsentieren :)


Nnella close to A Reality


9. Mai 2018 - 20:30 - Smaragd, Linz


22. Mai 2018 - 20:00 - Alte Welt, Linz


30. Mai 2018 - 21:00 - Loop, Wien

To find two or three songs of our final recording session with Mono Express check out our soundcloudpage....or go on the 'Music' section of this homepage ;)

..legs are shaking. heart is racing.

21. März 2018 - Sofar Sounds Linz



A little flirt with the microphone...

...but of course it is not about sexuality.
It's Just About Asthetics.

17.1.2018 - Smaragd Linz - Solo Performance by Nnella
Schön wars...:)


Ink Spills + Mono Express


Gratis Neujahrskonzert

4.1.2018 im Spielboden



Eintritt frei



The Official Teaser to the Short Movie 'Find Me' in which Nnella plays the female lead role and is also involved in as a songwriter for the title song.


Premiere - 15.12.2017 - Spielboden Dornbirn


The programm of the evening will bring together different art forms:
- art gallery with pictures by Alexander Au Yeong and paintings by Stefanie Vogel
- one to one performance by Bella Angora
- concert by Mona Ida and Nnella

- DJ Set by Max Sukaly Moody

....and of course the Short Movie 'Find Me'!


The evening will be in form of a charity event for Aidshilfe Vorarlberg!

For more information on the event check out: https://www.facebook.com/findme.shortmovie/