nnella's Debut Double EP 'Dear Beloved Asshole, '
- out on the 17th of April 2020 !

Vinyl (+digital download included)

Vinyl + digital download of 'Dear Beloved Asshole,' with lyrics included!

20,00 €

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Digital Download (lyrics included)

12 €

If you would like to simply buy the digital Download, please send me a quick email to let me know!
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Nnella is also part of the Band 'WHY-Y' which released their

Debut EP 'be.cause' in Noveber 2019!




21.04.2020 - Stwst, linz - PRETTY SHITTY TOUR -nnella (band)


22.04.2020 - rockhouse bar, salzburg - pretty shitty tour


23.04.2020 - grillx, wien - pretty shitty tour



24.04.2020 - OHO, Oberwart - PRETTY SHITTY TOUR


25.04.2020 - Orpheum Extra, Graz - PRETTY SHITTY TOUR


5.07.2020 - leselenz, hausach - nnella (solo)


8.07.2020 - q, marburg - pretty shitty tour


10.07.2020 - hafen 2, offenbach am main - pretty shitty tour



more tour dates to be announced !


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Nnella is an Austrian Singer-Songwriter, based in Linz.
she is playing with band as well as solo.
as 'nadja bodlak' she also co-writes and is part of the newly formed band 'Why-y'
which released their debut EP in November 2019.

On the 27. March 2020 Nnella will release her First Single
'lover you should've come over'!

On 17. April the ep 'dear beloved ...'
- part 1. of their upcoming debut double ep !


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